Alphonso Steverink was born in 1982 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. After graduating cum laude in ‘communication and media design’ he then started the master of fine Arts – MADtech – at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen.

His work can be described as minimalistic and clean, sometimes with an analog feel to it and with a special interest in waste materials. With his clear method of making work he forces himself to ascertain workflow that is based on order, clarity, balance and unity – in its message, materials, form and composition. Then he focused on the opposite of what life is – a constant state of disorder – to give meaning to his work. Fields of interests and themes that are woven into his work range from science to politics, and from current social behaviour to contemporary cultural studies.

He currently lives and works in Arnhem and Groningen.



Alphonso Steverink
Aalburgstraat 122
6844 DK Arnhem